I didn’t mean to vacate the premises! I’ve been recovering from the sinus/cold thing that I got while I was recovering from the holiday hoopla. There sure was a lot of that… hoopla, I mean. With family and friends arriving and visiting from afar from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we were in celebration mode for over a month…. food & drink & lots of Bananagrams!

It wasn’t all fun and games… throw in a trip to ER for stitches, another clinic visit for removal of stitches, a trip to the dentist and a root canal on New Year’s Eve. All for my youngest, who was scheduled to depart for a year in Australia/New Zealand on New Year’s Eve, so changes in travel plans, too.

Even with all that, I managed to spend a little time in the dye studio and an update isn’t too far off. Meanwhile…